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Harmon Canyon Preserve

Oct 12 • 1 minute read

Have you heard of Harmon Canyon Preserve? Ventura Land Trust has purchased Harmon Canyon in order to protect the area and ensure free access in perpetuity. Forever! The preserve is more than 2,100 acres of hills with beautiful views of Ventura County stretching all the way to the Channel Islands. Visitors will be able to enjoy the space with hiking and biking trails.

Harmon Canyon Preserve is located at 7511 Foothill Road in beautiful Ventura! Currently there is no public parking, but visitors can park on the west side of Kimball Road.

Dr. Joel Goldenberg and his wife Arlene were thrilled to hear about such a place right in their own backyard. Both have become supporters of Ventura Land Trust and members of the Harmon Canyon Campaign Team. It is important to them to help preserve the open space for their family and community to enjoy for years to come.

 Not only will there be 12 miles of trails for hiking, biking and running, but the space is home to 1,000 acres of coastal sage scrub. Also known as coastal scrub or soft chaparral, this habitat is characterized by low growing, drought resistant shrubs. These plant communities are found along California's coast and are one of the most endangered habitats in North America. Ventura Land Trust will lead students on hikes through the preserve to teach them about the different plants and animals indigenous to our area. The outdoor education programs will be offered to local elementary, middle and high school students.

Next time you find yourself in Harmon Canyon, hike back about 3 miles to the Goldenberg Overlook and enjoy the views of the expansive space and out to the Channel Islands. Feel free to rest on the bench or have a picnic at the table. Dr. Goldenberg and Mrs. Arlene Goldenberg dedicated the space to his mother, Elayne Volman, and to Derek Poultney, the Executive Director.

For more information please visit their website

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